Mission Two: International Servbot Collaboration

Over at 100,000 for Bringing Back Legends 3’s International Translation base, Amunshen, one of our Japanese translators, has relayed a message to us western Servbots from the Kobun involved with One More DASH!, the campaign for Japan’s Legends 3 revival movement.

The intent of this campaign is to present the enthusiasm of the Legends fanbase and viability of Legends 3’s revival in visual form.  O.S., the Kobun who proposed the campaign, wishes to make a collaborative collage using Servbot artwork from all of the registered Devroom members around the world.

Many fans are gathering on sites like Facebook and Tanomi to promote the revival of Legends 3.  Now we’re holding a campaign that’s a little bit different.  We will be visually expressing the fans’ desire to get Mega Man Legends 3 back into production!

The goal of  “Servbot Collaboration” is to make a large picture using everyone’s own Servbot artwork. If a lot of Servbots are gathered, it will look impressive and visually express the large number of people who desperately want MML3 at a glance. This collaboration could potentially serve as a symbolic illustration to represent all of the future revival campaigns as well!

Are you really bad at art? Don’t worry about it! We also have a template for those who cannot draw, so please feel free to contribute even if you aren’t confident about your artwork!

The more people who send us artwork, the harder I have to work on compositing them into one large image, but I REALLY DON’T MIND!  I want you guys to submit so many Servbots that I nearly drop dead from overwork!!

☆How to Create and Submit Servbot Art☆ 

For this campaign, I want every participant to make a drawing of a Servbot using the following template. We have separate templates for people who can draw as well as for people who are less confident in their abilities, so feel free to choose the one that best suits your skill level.

Here’s how to fill your template out:

① – Participant’s name

You may either use an online alias or your real name.  However, if you do choose to submit using your real name, we cannot be held responsible for anything that may happen as a result.

② – Servbot Art

Either draw your own Servbot in this space, or give your Servbot a face, depending on what template you are using.  You don’t have to follow the official Servbot design, just like in the Devroom.  If you have a Devroom Servot number, please write it in this space, too–but the number has to actually be yours!  We will not publish any inappropriate material, such as overly violent, graphic, or otherwise inappropriate content, so keep it E-rated.

③ – Comment

Write a brief message expressing the passion you have for bringing back Legends 3, or an introduction showing what the game means to you.  As with the image field, submissions containing hostile or inappropriate comments and language will be denied. In order to properly express our passion for this game, we should keep it classy.

Any font style or size is okay as long as it’s legible.

『Template for Artists 』

『Template for Non-Artists 』

Please save your preferred template image in its original size and draw or modify your Servbot using whichever art software you prefer.

『How to Submit 』

1 – E-mail

Send an E-mail to dash3_kobun@yahoo.co.jp with your submission attached.  In the event that your image file is over 1MB, please compress the file into .ZIP format.  Include【kobun_g】in your subject line when you send.

2 – Twitter/Twitpic

Send the completed Servbot art through an image-uploading site such as Twitpic or Yfrog.

When you upload the Servbot art through your tweet, please include “@One_More_DASH” and hashtag “#kobun_g” as shown below.

Here is the link for Twitpic, for anyone who is unfamiliar with it.  Other image-uploading sites are okay too.

[3 – Facebook (Added by Amunshen)

Upload the image wherever possible.  Please post the URL to the image in the comments section of this note for Amunshen to give to O.S. directly.]  DO NOT USE THIS BLOG TO SUBMIT AN ENTRY!

Please send the image in JPEG or GIF format. Do NOT resize the templates or modify the background. We cannot use the image if it has been resized or its background is modified.
We do not allow multiple submissions from one person, but we will allow multiple Servbots in one image.  If we don’t get enough submissions by the closing date, we might accept multiple entries.  In this case, you will be notified, so stay tuned!

Once you submit, that’s it.  Due to the nature of the collaboration, you are not permitted to revise your entry.  If you really, REALLY want to resend, make sure to comment on the Facebook note with [Resubmission] at the start of your comment.

The final product will premiere on the One-more-DASH hub, and subsequently be released for public viewing, so please be aware that any information you put into your submission will be displayed in public.

We don’t mind at all if you want to use your submitted Servbot image for other personal projects, but we would appreciate it if you mention the Legends 3 revival movement along with it!


September 10, 2011
EST: 11:00AM
CST: 10:00AM
MST: 9:00AM
PST: 8:00AM

Due to the collaborative nature of this project, O.S. is unable to accept submissions past this closing time.
If you have any questions, please comment on this note to have them forwarded and answered.

Thanks for reading! LEGENDS NEVER DIE!


Mission One: CoA Mail-In

Capcom’s gone and done us, and all of their fans, a grave injustice by not at least releasing the Prototype Version and using that to truly gauge whether there was consumer interest in the project.

In return, we’re going to prove to them the opposite. There is a LOT of interest and a major potential audience for these games. And we’re going to do it with class.

It’s a known fact that Capcom, or at least CoA, has a soft spot for fanart, even if it isn’t exactly the best fanart in the world. It also takes a much shorter amount of time to look at a picture than it does to read a rant.

So with that in mind, our first mission will be to draw something for Capcom and mail it their way. Absolutely no inflammatory/hate art or mail will be tolerated. Jam pack it with as much Legends love as you can fit in it, too. If you’d really rather use words to convey your support for Mega Man, the Legends series, and all that, I won’t stop you, though.

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
800 Concar Drive, Suite 300
San Mateo, CA 94402

The target date has passed, but please continue to send Capcom letters and artwork!  Sven has stated that he’s been reading all of them–CoA’s got some pretty awesome staff members, for sure!

Recipients: Greg Moore, Shawn Baxter, Seth Killian, Christian Svensson, or all of the above.

Be sure and spread the word!  The more help we can get the better!