Mission One: CoA Mail-In

Capcom’s gone and done us, and all of their fans, a grave injustice by not at least releasing the Prototype Version and using that to truly gauge whether there was consumer interest in the project.

In return, we’re going to prove to them the opposite. There is a LOT of interest and a major potential audience for these games. And we’re going to do it with class.

It’s a known fact that Capcom, or at least CoA, has a soft spot for fanart, even if it isn’t exactly the best fanart in the world. It also takes a much shorter amount of time to look at a picture than it does to read a rant.

So with that in mind, our first mission will be to draw something for Capcom and mail it their way. Absolutely no inflammatory/hate art or mail will be tolerated. Jam pack it with as much Legends love as you can fit in it, too. If you’d really rather use words to convey your support for Mega Man, the Legends series, and all that, I won’t stop you, though.

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
800 Concar Drive, Suite 300
San Mateo, CA 94402

The target date has passed, but please continue to send Capcom letters and artwork!  Sven has stated that he’s been reading all of them–CoA’s got some pretty awesome staff members, for sure!

Recipients: Greg Moore, Shawn Baxter, Seth Killian, Christian Svensson, or all of the above.

Be sure and spread the word!  The more help we can get the better!


41 responses

  1. In the words of a very large but lovable ham and pirate, “LEEEET’S DOO IIIIT!!!!!”

    I’m getting riled up just thinking about it! Let’s save this game!

  2. Ah, the return to the mail in. I’ll be sure to do this. I actually just got some postcards, so this is a great way for me to get involved since I don’t have a facebook.

  3. Is this project still going on ??
    Does this video tell the truth ?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XXD7f4uhc8

    Don’t get mad at me dashe .. am just asking . cause it seems about right with no response to 14000 members , 36000 likes and 6300 posts not to mention the 8000 JP members . I don’t mind the final push , but I still can’t digest the thought of being toyed with .

  4. I have no clue who 4chan is !! nevertheless it seemed a trolling news, my bad 😛
    Anyways, I have sketched some drawings after the cancellation . Getting excited for this project in hopes of revival I did a special sketch but I couldn’t complete it, As I lost my mood and motivation due to the way capcom ignoring their fans (I think they’re not worth my time, even if it’s a bad drawing) .
    I’ll let you on something .. when I first heard of MML3 I was kinda excited but not sure of what to expect from capcom (they dealt me many blows in the past, so their current actions doesn’t surprise me -I’m a classic MM fan first/ Legends second-) but your singing video made go WOW ” are there still MML fans who want the game that much” it was inspiring and made me even more eager to paricipate other than the regular goals . So although we’re here now putting our final push (or beg) I couldn’t find it in me to draw for capcom .. just yesterday, by accident I saw your video , it inspired me again to continue pushing further into this beg , so I started working on another much simpler sketch .. I hope I’ll be done with it soon .

    • Hah, who ever said anything about this being a final push? This is a marathon, not a sprint–we’re in it for the long haul. Ten years of waiting only to be teased like this? It’s not over, mark my word. ;]

      • Another inspirational words requires me to get back to the drawing board 🙂
        Count me in to the bitter end (^-^)b

        what makes me detest capcom is the way they treat the original MM, after the lovely MM8 graphics nothing showed up until 9 & 10 ..”OK hardcore fans we give you what you’ve always wanted a downgraded graphics .. enjoy” !!???

        but come to think of it MML had only 3 games while the original had … uhh .. I lost count 😛

        btw the drawing is 75% complete

  5. I wish I could’ve done this, but I found out about it too late, and wouldn’t have enough time to make a decent fanart drawing, because I don’t have much artistic talent as it is.

      • JOYVOLATION!!! Maybe we should try writing to big wigs in the industry like Gabe and Tycho at Penny Arcade or other webcomic artists. If we can get the author’s support the fans will surely follow, the admire and respect their opinion and usually test what they like for themselves. I’m sure PA would be on board with this, the guys at PA love Megaman, even if in non retro form.

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