Mission One: CoA Mail-In

Capcom’s gone and done us, and all of their fans, a grave injustice by not at least releasing the Prototype Version and using that to truly gauge whether there was consumer interest in the project.

In return, we’re going to prove to them the opposite. There is a LOT of interest and a major potential audience for these games. And we’re going to do it with class.

It’s a known fact that Capcom, or at least CoA, has a soft spot for fanart, even if it isn’t exactly the best fanart in the world. It also takes a much shorter amount of time to look at a picture than it does to read a rant.

So with that in mind, our first mission will be to draw something for Capcom and mail it their way. Absolutely no inflammatory/hate art or mail will be tolerated. Jam pack it with as much Legends love as you can fit in it, too. If you’d really rather use words to convey your support for Mega Man, the Legends series, and all that, I won’t stop you, though.

Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
800 Concar Drive, Suite 300
San Mateo, CA 94402

The target date has passed, but please continue to send Capcom letters and artwork!  Sven has stated that he’s been reading all of them–CoA’s got some pretty awesome staff members, for sure!

Recipients: Greg Moore, Shawn Baxter, Seth Killian, Christian Svensson, or all of the above.

Be sure and spread the word!  The more help we can get the better!